Best of British - Issue 303 - OCT 2021

Issue 303 - OCT 2021


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Issue no: 303

Exclusive features include: 

One Of A Kind - A tribute to the late Una Stubbs.
Strange Folk - A particularly British brand of horror.
Food & Drink - A twist on fish and chips, and Halloween-themed snacks.
Forties Post - Mapping Hughenden Manor during World War Two.
Putting The Shirt On Your Back - Celebrating the artisans of Jermyn Street, the home of fine British shirtmaking.
London Bridge Was Falling Down - A look at the famous landmark's many incarnations.
A Wobbly Advance - On board the Advanced Passenger Train.
Great White Van - The Ford Transit, the van dubbed the "Backbone of Britain."
His Magical Life - Influential magician David Devant.
Blonde Ambition - Diana Dors, Britain's original blonde bombshell.
For Go-Ahead Teens - Jackie, the magazine that influenced a generation.
The Enchanted Bedknob - Fifty years of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
Making Murder Fun - Composer turned crimewriter Bruce Montgomery.
Rediscovered, Recreated and Restored - New and unusual discoveries from the National Trust.
Out Of The Box - Building Airfix's Scammell Tank Transporter.


…regular features including Yesterday Remembered, Bookshelf, Puzzles and Back in Time

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