Best of British - Issue 317 - DEC 2022

Issue 317 - DEC 2022


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Issue no: 317

Exclusive features include: 


Merit Marks - The innovative toy company that flourished in the postwar years.
Pedal Power - Under the bonnet of the much-desired Austin J40 pedal car.
Live By The River - How a day by the River Thames is easier to enjoy than ever before.
Doing The Lambeth Walk - The enduring appeal of Me and My Girl.
Working-class Royalty - London’s Pearly kings and queens.
What A Cracker - A tribute to actor Robbie Coltrane.
Wanting More - We talk to Oliver! star Mark Lester.
To Sir With Love - An exclusive interview with Please Sir!’s Penny Spencer.
Jam Pact - Celebrating the influential mod/new wave band the Jam.
Sunny Delight - Shining a spotlight on Port Sunlight, Lever Brothers’ model village.
Britain’s Bayeux Tapestry - The Norman tapestry’s Berkshire twin.


…regular features including Yesterday Remembered, Bookshelf, Puzzles and Back in Time

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